Solly's Story is One of Many

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Solly is a young Siamese who was recently rescued from a lifetime of neglect along with 20 of his mates.

Twenty-one cats, none of them neutered or spayed, crowded into a one-bedroom apartment. They subsisted in almost indescribably filthy conditions. All suffered from health problems: severe eye infections, tooth infections and malnourishment

Most of the females were pregnant and three of the males each had one eye removed because of squabbles over females led to damaged eyes. The traumas were left untreated until the sight was destroyed. Many had developed pneumonia, again due to neglect.

Happily, all were given medical attention, are now in good health, and have been placed in caring homes. Four, including Solly,  have come to live at Catkin Willow.

Of the males with damaged eyes, Solly's were in the worst condition. He had to have one eye removed and the remaining eye had,-about 5% vision--all due to neglected infections.

Despite the fact that he is basically blind as the proverbial bat, he has learned every nook and cranny at Catkin Willow. During playtime, he chases his buddies up and down stairs as if he could see. He climbs the cat tree and has even learned to feel his way down again.

However, there was at first hope for Solly. The condition of his remaining eye is known as symblepharon, a disease which occurs through damage to the cornea because of an infection. Scar tissue grows across the cornea to heal the infection, but as the infection is healed, the sight is progressively lost.

Although we found an ophthalmologist who believed he might restore 60-80% vision in Solly's eye through surgery, it was not to be and Solly's second eye will have to be removed. Still, this story is not altogether a sad one, since sightless or not, Solly lives in a happy environment where he is very much loved.

Still, Catkin Willow's resources were stretched to the limit in paying for spaying, neutering, dental care, surgery, micro-chips etc., for Solly and his mates.

So for the first time in 25 years of operation, we are asking for donations. As an activist organization, donations to The Catkin Willow Fund for Stray Cats are not income tax deductible.

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Solly the Siamese

Solly has had one eye surgically removed and enjoys less than 5% vision in the remaining eye, all because of untreated injuries. But now, thanks to improved surgical techniques, an operation can restore 60-80% of  the vision in his remaining eye.

Special Thanks from Catkin Willow

As a special thank you from the Catkin Cats (and Solly), we'd like you to have access to Catkin Willow's step-by-step instructions on how to build your very own Catkin-designed bent-willow  chair. The plans include a complete list of materials, advice on where to find the willow material for construction and what kind of willow to use. You'll receive your special URL which takes you to the instruction pages when you are directed to our Thank You page about five seconds after your donation is received. Happy building!

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