Materials Used for Zebra Wall Décor

Materials Used for Zebra Wall Décor

Zebra wall décor always relates to the part of zebra itself. The parts can be from the head and the skin. What mostly come to the houses is the head of it. The head are made by many ways; there are the original and the fake one. The fake head is made by material that can be shaped as the zebra head. It also comes not only to the original color, but to many patterns and colors.

The Real Zebra Wall Décor

Some people demand for the real head of the zebra as the decoration at home. The zebra head can be made as the same as the original. But, for the development of design from time to time, the zebra head is modified in some colors without losing the original one. For the example, the zebra head is covered in gold, but the original colors still cover to some parts of the head. The original colors will be the plank of the head that will be hanged to the wall.

The Fake Zebra Wall Décor

The fake zebra head can be made by cardboard, following to the shape of the head. The maker can still keep the cardboard color in the zebra wall décor, but some of them change the color of the cardboard to suit to more themes of the room. This cardboard zebra head comes in many sizes to suit the space of the room you have.

Besides that, the fake zebra also made from plastic. This zebra head is shaped in mask. The pattern is usually found in cartoon made. Put three masks of the zebra heads and glue them to one thin wood plank vertically. You can also choose two heads other than zebra head to unite them together. After that, hang it to the room you wish. Lets try zebra wall decor in your home.

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