"It's gone," she said, amazed. "Totally gone!" And so it was.

One small Siamese
gets big lease on life

Five weeks ago we agreed with our veterinarian that our little Siamese had come to the end of her days.
Idg has been a lovely friend for 19 years so  all of us at the cat shelter agreed that she'd earned a peaceful departure. She had suffered a series of kitty strokes, had stopped eating and had lost 20% of her body weight.
When she tried to walk she would often be taken by seizures and flop onto her side, struggling to right herself.
During the past year or so, Idg had also developed a cataract, which grew eventually to the point where her eye was totally covered in an opaque white film.
It was heartbreaking to watch as our friend's quality of life was reduced virtually to zero. I brought her home from the vet's to tell my wife, Kathy, that we needed to prepare ourselves for the worst in a couple of days at the most.
However, we had just obtained two bottles of Noni® and although we didn't have high expectations, we started giving Idg 5cc's each morning.
Within a day, she regained her appetite and soon after that she was walking in the garden, using the cat door, and reasserting her position in our cat community, just as she always had done.
Meanwhile, both Kathy and I had independently noticed that the cataract seemed to be slowly becoming less opaque. We both dismissed the observations as wishful thinking, until one morning about five weeks after Idg began getting Noni® Juice.
Kathy noticed it first and came running with Idg in her arms.
"It's gone," she said, amazed. "Totally gone!" And so it was.
Immediately we called Dr. Bob Watson of Eglinton Veterinary Centre and he quickly became excited, too. The eye was clear and the iris responded to light. Idg can see out of both beautiful blue eyes.
And she's regained that 20% weight loss. This may not really be a miracle, but if it isn't, we'll take it anyway.

Idg is back!

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