The Jar Function for Western Wall Décor

The Jar Function for Western Wall Décor

The small jars are mostly found in the jam that stands in the kitchen. The jar which made from the glass is the one that can stay long to be used in another purpose. If you are preparing to make western theme into your home, then you can use jar for the decoration. Collect jar for western wall décor such as hanging lamps and toothbrush storage.

Western Wall Décor as Hanging Lamps

The empty jar can be filled with candle to light the room. The candle suits to the size of the jar. Tie the chain that connects from the left side to the right side top of the jar. The chain will hang this jar to the nail that is already embedded on the wall. Light the candle and close the top jar, so the flame will not stop. This lamp is good to be placed in front of the house, for the outdoor lightning.

Western Wall Décor as Toothbrush Storage

The size of jar is the right size to place the toothbrush inside. Hang the jar that is already glued to the wood plank. You will need three jars to be placed in the bathroom. Hang the jar in vertical line of the wall. This western wall decor can be filled with toothbrush, tooth paste, cotton buds, and shampoo sachet. Do not close this jar because it will make the jar in moist.

If there is no jar that can be found around the kitchen, you can also use the bottles to change the jar. The bottle has the same function with the jar, but bottle has bigger size than the jar. Use lamp to be placed inside the bottle. For the toothbrush storage for the western wall décor, the bottle can be cut in half as the size of the jar.

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