The Unique yet Masculine Decorative Wall Sconces

The Unique yet Masculine Decorative Wall Sconces

Take a look back waste products that you have today, it would be useless if you throw something that can be reused. Especially for the items that made of glass because they could be used again. It would be much better that the goods are stored for reusable goods that suit the material. The following are two examples of using second-hand goods to be used as decorative wall sconces that perfect for masculine theme of your house.

Reused Perfume Decorative Wall Sconces

If you wear perfume which has a unique shape, then the perfume can be reusable goods that certainly interesting. With perfume brand that you like, you can show off your favorite perfume as wall sconces. Insert the lamp that is suitable for the perfume bottle size. After finding the suitable one, stick the perfume stick to hanger of lamp. Attach also the back side of the perfume bottle with the plank to support and strengthen the power of perfume that sustains the wall sconces.

Reused Bottle Decorative Wall Sconces

Glass bottles that are available in the kitchen can also be the second choice to make decorative wall sconces. For installation of the bottle, attach the bottle upside down. The purpose here is the bottle that protects the lamp in reverse. To support these masculine wall sconces, it can use the old pipes in the warehouse. Old pipe is painted again so it looks new.

From some of the reusable things that have been reviewed, it can give inspiration for those who want to try it. You can also try in different reusable glass made to make this decoration. Try to choose reusable items that have enough space to put lights for decorative wall sconces. Consider also the place to define the width of the objects to be used. Good luck!

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