Three Dorm Wall Décor Items You Must Have

Three Dorm Wall Décor Items You Must Have

What do you feel the first you get the dorm room? You will be excited because then we get to adapt to the new life. You have a room that can be designed by yourself or with dorm friends. Of course, there are so many ideas that already come to your mind, but you cannot put all of your ideas in once. So, you can start put each of your ideas to the “must have” dorm wall décor in your room.

The First Dorm Wall Décor: Quotation Poster

The first thing to put in your room is the quotation you adore. It can come from the idol or hero you like. The favorite quotation can also come from you. The quotation is framed to look neat. Quotation has power to bring you back in high spirit while you are in the middle of hard situation in the university. Also, you do not need to hang the picture of idol or hero you like because you have presented them in the quote decor.

The Second Dorm Wall Décor: University Name

The second thing that you must have for dorm wall decor is your creation of making university name. You can be proud as the student of the university you dream for. The creation can come from the photo editing skill or drawing skill. You can also buy the university sticker that you can found in the stationery at the university. If it is big, put the banner to the wall. Small banner can be hanged on the board or on the shelf of the desk.

The Third Dorm Wall Décor: Pictures of Friends and Relatives

The last thing you need to put before giving accessories to the decor is the pictures of people around you. Print the picture in small size. And then, cut the picture to the shape you wish. You can hang the pictures with thread that unite one to each other. Use five threads to hang the pictures. These pictures will warm you when you feel alone in the dorm. Now that you have known the things you need to decorate with dorm wall décor, it is the time to start your decorating day!

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