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At Catkin Willow our interests are many, but our community of 27 cats, who live with us in downtown Toronto, are top of the list. Nearly every one of them came to us as strays and some have been with us for more than 20 years. And while we've gotten a lot of pleasure out of studying them, learning as much about ourselves as about the cats, we have an idea the cats have learned more than we have. Whatever the case, our lives have been immensely enriched by the association. 

Catkin and his wife Kathy are also devoted gardeners and we grow most of our own plants from seed. Catkin loves to work with his hands so when he's not gardening or watching the cats watching him, he builds bent willow furniture, garden screens and what-have-you using renewable resources which grow freely along the roadsides. Profits go back into supporting the community of cats.

The Cat Garden has been featured in the media many times, including The Discovery Network's Guerilla Gardener, with host Grahame Beakhust, TV's Mark Cullen Gardening, plus various publications such as Homemaker's magazine, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun and Judith Adam's recent book, New City Gardner.

Chairs are $300 and up, love seats from $650 and up for a two-seater to $1,350 and up for three seats. That's in Canadian funds. All questions, whether about willow, gardens or cats, are answered for free.

Our Eco-Design Gardens are Earth Friendly

We at Catkin Willow design gardens which use what is already there.  Sometimes we incorporate bent willow furniture, trellises and other features.  We also specialize in restoring gardens which have gotten out of control or are looking less than their best.  We are specialists in water gardens and fountains as well.

And whatever we do, we always use the best of what already is there.  We keep hard landscaping to a minimum.  We emphasize plants!  Catkin Willow is happy to provide free estimates.

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2 The Catkin Willow Fund for Stray Cats

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