Our Personal Backgrounds

Twenty years ago, Catkin brought home a kitten as a peace-offering to Kathy and thus began a long and exciting odyssey. This one small kitten named Murphy, who is still with us, entered our lives with the effect of a thunderbolt, changing us forever.

Since then, we've taken in many strays and found homes for many more, but any benefit the cats have gained from us is surely small compared to the insights we have gained through the relationships developed with these mysterious and noble fellow creatures.

During more than 20 years of observation we have learned that many things once taken for granted by large segments of the scientific community are if not untrue, certainly wide open to question.

Cats, just like humans, respond out of love, forming life-long bonds of devotion not only to other cats but to humans and members of other species as well.

It has been claimed that only humans retain the lifelong ability to play. But cats and, we suspect, many other animals, do so as well. Not only are domestic cats capable of life-long play, they are able to invent their own games.

Through our relationships with cats we have learned about Catness, which translates in human terms into recognizing the absolute importance of being true to our own natures.

Catness has taught us that all creatures have the absolute right to two things: their lives and their natures. Cats have taught us to be respectful.

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