Our Professional Information

Catkin, whose alter-ego is Robert Olver, is the winner of two Dunlop Awards for excellence in journalism.  He wound up his journalistic career five years ago to do something which for him had become more worthwhile.

He now devotes full time to writing, with time for cat-watching, gardening and willow work. He has published one novel, The Bicycle Tree (McClelland and Stewart) and one non-fiction book, The Making of Champions (Penguin Canada).  His latest book, The Cat Garden, is currently in the hands of his agent in New York. That's a way of saying it's looking for a publisher. Watch this spot for developments.

Kathy teaches French, art and music at a private school. She's also an artist and illustrator who has done the illustrations for three books. First was Snails, Slugs, Spiders and Bugs (Magook Publications), followed by Songbirds of Eastern Canada and Canadian Songbirds and Their Ways (both published by Tundra Books). In the summers Kathy does many of the designs for the Catkin eco-gardens and helps with the bent willow. Of course, she's also an expert on the domestic cat. 

Questions and correspondence are welcome at The Catkin Willow Connection and so is e-mail. Orders or inquiries about bent willow, eco-gardens or cats, may be e-mailed or faxed. The fax number for Catkin Willow is (416) 487-8213. If you wish, you may arrange to come and view some of our twig and willow pieces in the cat garden itself. We'll give you the address in Metro Toronto if you request it by e-mail. Catkin Willow also has, from time to time, a limited number of very well-mannered strays available for adoption.

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